The restaurant

With 30 years of cooking experience,
chef Eric OLIVER will delight your taste buds

For an ideal tasting of your favourite dishes, you will have the possibility to enjoy a wine and food pairing by choosing your beverage in our thoughtfully curated wine list by Séverine OLIVER, Chef Éric OLIVER’s wife.

Œnology at your dining table

To complete the tasting of your dishes, you can accompany them with a food and wine pairing to be chosen from the wine list drawn up by Séverine OLIVER, the wife of chef Éric OLIVER.

Carte et menus

Throughout the seasons, you can enjoy our creamy sweetbread with morels in its sealed terrine with puff pastry, a fresh trout from our fish pond, our homemade chopped beef tartare, a beef tenderloin from Maison Gesler, frogs’ legs cooked with a smooth garlic and parsley sauce and, last but not least, our mouth-watering cheese board and our exquisite desserts prepared by our pastry chef.


Only by phone : +33(0)4 79 87 64 51

Opening hours

The Restaurant is open from wednesday noon to Sunday lunch, during the off-season During the summer season, it’s open 7 days a week, for lunch and dinner.

Our facility will be closed during the annual leaves on the winter holiday, as well as the last week of August and the first one of September.